We build meaningful relationships among women working in blockchain. Our members are each other’s multipliers. We join them together for professional and social events so they can share ideas, build businesses and support each other. We connect through online forums, local events, and an annual global retreat. We also plan to host a conference in the next year.

Opportunity creation

We advance women in the industry by spreading their ideas and informing them of new opportunities. We advocate and push conferences to have a diverse roster and make it easier for them to fill their roster with female speakers by reaching into our network and database of female speakers. We are also a source of strong female talent for blockchain companies and investors.


We bring more women into the blockchain industry through outreach and education. We are creating a university classroom series and curriculum and host regular Intro to Blockchain events for students and professionals. We also provide scholarships to women to attend conferences and blockchain-related events.

thought leadership

We build our thought leadership through regular publications on trends in the industry from the lens of women. We write about the state of women in blockchain and how the technology impacts women in potentially different ways.